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Last updated: July 11, 2024
Boost Blog Traffic
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Tell me, what exactly is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace where sellers can offer their gigs or services to buyers who need something specific. For example, if a buyer needs a new logo for their website they can hire a graphic designer. If someone needs their blog translated into another language, they can hire a translator - it's that simple. Think of it as a place like Amazon, where sellers offer services instead of products.

What makes Fiverr so popular (and special), is the fact that many of these services start at only $5 per gig! Some of these services are more expensive depending on the seller and the type of service they offer, but overall most services on Fiverr are relatively cheap. Many of the more expensive services can be found in the Fiverr Pro marketplace, which is an exclusive marketplace for sellers that offer premium services of a higher quality. However, today we will be focusing on the regular Fiverr services because they are the most affordable.

How can Fiverr boost blog traffic?

Many of these sellers on Fiverr offer gigs to help boost your blog or website traffic. A lot of these gigs start at only $5, which makes Fiverr a very cost effective way to help promote your blog or website without spending a fortune!

Fiverr has millions of sellers offering millions of services! So, how do you find the best gigs to buy? The answer is simple - before you buy anything, you research, research, and research! This is very important and shouldn't be overlooked.

Here's a few simple tips to find some of the best traffic boosting gigs on Fiverr:

Fiverr has a feature that allows buyers to filter and refine search results. Use this tool to customize "Delivery Time", "Budget", and "Seller Level" to find some of the best gigs.

Carefully read the reviews that other buyers have written for each gig that you've chosen. How many complaints are there? This is a good way to judge the overall quality of a gig.

Take a look at the star rating for each seller and the gigs that they offer. Anything under 4 stars could be an indicator of low quality, poor communication, or a number of other things.

How do I get started with Fiverr?

Disclaimer: Before you get started, please understand that these Fiverr services/gigs will send a large amount of traffic to your blog or website! Make sure your blog or website's web hosting server can handle the large amount of traffic that it receives from these Fiverr services/gigs!

Step 1.

Signup for a free Fiverr account by clicking here. Anyone can join and all countries are accepted!

Step 2.

View the list of sellers that are offering gigs or services to boost blog traffic by clicking here.

Step 3.

A large list of sellers and the gigs that they offer will appear. Look for the "Refine Results" section (or tap on "Filter Results" if your're using a mobile phone) to customize the results. You can customize various settings, such as "Delivery Time", "Budget", and much more.

Step 4.

Under the section called "Seller Level", put a checkmark next to "Level One", "Level Two", and "Top Rated Seller". Make sure that "New Seller" is unchecked. This simple step makes sure that only established and reputable sellers appear in the search results.

Step 5.

After refining the search results, click on the gig or service that you're interested in. Next to the seller's profile picture, look for the star rating. The number of stars represents the quality rating for that particular gig. Never buy a gig unless it has 4 or more stars. Also, make sure that the seller has 4 or more stars too.

Step 6.

Next, carefully read the reviews for the gig that you've chosen. Make sure there are no complaints from other buyers.

Step 7.

Lastly, you may purchase the Fiverr gig that you're interested in! Remember, only buy gigs from Fiverr sellers you trust.

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